Taharah Demonstration Video
with Extensive Q&A Sections

Featuring Rick Light and members of
the Atlanta Chevra Kadisha

Filmed at the 8th Annual Kavod v’Nichum North American Chevra Kadisha and
Jewish Cemetery Conference
June 6th, 2010, in Atlanta, Georgia


Taharah Training Powerpoint     (download or view PDF file)

Taharah Training Video: Part 1

Taharah Training Video: Part 2

Questions answered in Part 2:

  • Fluid flows
  • Medical devices
  • Showing respect
  • False teeth
  • Organ and tissue donations
  • Autopsy
  • Leader’s responsbility
  • Discussing issues in advance
  • Taharahs for murder victims
  • Suicides
  • Right to taharah
  • Young people participating
  • Observers
  • Buckets or pitchers
  • Halacha (law) vs minhag (tradition)

Taharah Training Video: Part 3

Questions answered in Part 3:

  • Tefilah (prayer) translations

Taharah Training Video: Part 4

Questions answered in Part 4:

  • Shmirah as a lead-in to taharah
  • Distinction between rechitza and taharah
  • Egg and vinegar
  • Muslim traditions
  • Family members watching or participating
  • Identification viewing
  • Debriefing
  • At the head of the meit/ah (deceased)
  • Seeing the face after the taharah
  • Identification before taharah
  • Open caskets
  • Taharah for someone being cremated
  • Assimilation
  • Ethical wills

 Taharah Training Video: Part 5

Questions answered in Part 5:


  • Non-Jews helping
  • Instructing non-Jews
  • Standing at the head of the meit/ah 
  • Facing the body
  • Pants vs. robe
  • Ripping tachrichim (burial garments)
  • Does minhag override halacha
  • Taharah for someone well known
  • Taharah for someone you know
  • Reading the obituary
  • Spiritual impact
  • Reaction to seeing a dead body
  • Making a taharah “not rote”