What does Kavod v’Nichum do?

Kavod v’Nichum empowers, educates, and trains Chevra Kadisha – sacred communities that come together at the end of life to care for the deceased and comfort the living through Jewish rituals and traditions. 

Who do you serve?

Any individual or organization seeking to learn and engage with Jewish end-of-life rituals and practices. We embrace the value of B’tzelem Elohim, (In God’s image), and believe that we are all holy people created in the image of the divine; all are welcome and wanted.

How can I get involved?
  • Learn with us at a Gamliel Institute class
  • Attend the yearly Conference
  • Join our mailing list for announcements and learning
  • Become a member of Kavod v’Nichum
  • Donate to support learning, training, and the continuity of Jewish end-of-life rituals and practices
Is Kavod v’Nichum a 501c3?

Yes, we are a tax-expempt 501c3 charitable organization. View our profile on Guidestar here.

Is the organization affiliated with a particular branch of Judaism?

Kavod v’Nichum is not affiliated with a particular branch of Judaism. We welcome all Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations. We strive to provide content rooted in halacha (Jewish Law) that reflects wide and diverse practice and thought from traditional to progressive. 


What sorts of resources do you offer?

We offer a wide range of written resources on topics pertaining to end-of-life. We also offer classes, a yearly conference, and training. Our approach is rooted in halakhic tradition while also being inclusive of modern connection and innovation.

I created an amazing resource, how can I share it?

Send us an email at hello@kavodvnichum.org, we’d love to learn more! Kavod v’Nichum amplifies voices throughout our community whether that’s through written resources or teaching opportunities. 


How does Kavod v’Nichum partner with other organizations?

Partnership is central to our work. We partner to: 

    1. Create resources pertaining to where Judaism and end-of-life intersect 
    2. Design classes and workshops 
    3. Build a network of chevrot kadisha, synagogues, minyanim, and spiritual collectives, end-of-life professionals, and organizations in order to enhance and elevate how the Jewish community understands and approaches the end-of-life.
Our organization would love to partner, who should we contact?

Please reach out to Kavod v’Nichum’s Executive Director, at sarit@kavodvnichum.org