Kavod v’Nichum provides custom training for Chevrot Kadisha across the United States and Canada. Training is central to how Kavod v’Nichum is a direct resource and support for Chevrot. 

We work with Chevrot in a variety of ways:

  • Getting started: Everything a new Chevra Kadisha needs to know about how to start and grow their Chevra. This includes consulting with the Chevra leadership, assistance in writing policies, and comprehensive training for all members of the Chevra.

  • Refreshing: Whether your chevrah has new volunteers, is navigating a return to the taharah room post-COVID, or even if it’s just “been a while”, Kavod v’Nichum offers one-time workshops on a range of topics for your Chevra.

  • On-going learning: Providing learning opportunities is important for engagement and outreach. Kavod v’Nichum will help you design workshops and/or facilitate learning.

Across all types of trainings, we offer a wide range of topics:

    • Historical context and basis for the Chevra Kadisha 
    • Taharah training 
    • Taharah liturgy
    • Health and safety in the taharah room 
    • Shmirah: how and why
    • The Traveling Chevra: what members need to know about working in multiple funeral homes
    • The Chevra’s role in the community
    • How to create local partnerships with cemeteries, funeral homes, and other institutions
    • Sewing tachrichim (burial shrouds)  
    • Preparing for the end-of-life
    • Mourning: rituals and the role of the Chevra  
    • And much more! 

    All workshops can be done in person and most over Zoom. 

    Contact us to explore your Chevra’s need and to begin creating custom learning opportunities.


    “Sarit and David have been with us since the beginning.  Their support, guidance, teaching, connections, enthusiasm and warmth has been a huge benefit to our efforts.   We have benefited greatly from their deep experience and professionalism.  We wouldn’t be here today without them.”

    Valley Chevra Kadisha


    “After intimately experiencing the death of a close friend and former teacher, Rabbi Schatz reached out to a neighboring community, IKAR, after knowing they were doing beautiful, intentional work around Shmira. Because of the start of COVID, David Zinner and Rabbi Kelman were able to pivot all training onto zoom. We had 60 people across the two communities participate. Though we look forward to in-person, hands-on learning with Kavod v’Nichum whenever possible, this zoom training was perfect for getting the mitzvah started!”

    Temple Beth Am/IKAR Hevra Kadisha


    “The Peninsula Chevra Kadisha came together to allow for our most essential values and mitzvot to be elevated in caring for our community, friends and family in the most intimate of moments. The training was powerful, carefully crafted with the professionals in our area and brought much hands-on learning and opportunity such that we all felt prepared by Rabbi Kelman and David Zinner to begin on this holy journey.”

    -Peninsula Chevra Kadisha


    “Without Kavod v’Nichum, our chevra would not exist. Kavod’s efforts working with us in our start-up days and teaching us resulted in the formation of our New Community Chevra Kadisha of Greater Pittsburgh which has since become a respected addition to our community. We are an acknowledged resource for other organizations, for local Reform, Reconstructionist, and Conservative rabbis, for synagogues, and for individuals who desire a deeper understanding of and involvement in the beautiful traditions of the Jewish way of dying and death. All with great thanks to Kavod v’Nichum.”

    New Community Chevrah Kadisha