I am Dr. Christopher Moreman, Chair of the Philosophy Department at California State University, East Bay.

My books include Beyond the Threshold: Afterlife Beliefs and Experiences in World Religions (2010) and Teaching Death & Dying (2008).

I am currently conducting a survey of Jewish beliefs in and experiences with death and dying. If you are Jewish and have 10 minutes to spare, I invite you to complete the survey found here:

In order for the survey to be as representative as possible, I would also ask that you share this e-mail with any Jewish family, friends, or colleagues who might wish to answer as well.

This survey will not only be of interest to scholars but will also have practical benefits for inter-religious and cross-cultural understanding, and for hospice and end-of-life care in the Jewish community especially.

Thank you for your help.


Christopher M. Moreman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Chair, Department of Philosophy

California State University, East Bay

25800 Carlos Bee Blvd.

Hayward, CA 94542